Zuppa!- The Great Perthshire Soup Competition

Perthshire is famed for its food and drink.

From field to fork, or spoon, it is part of our culture – part of who we are.

And nothing about food speaks better to family, community and heritage than soup!

Like the diversity of our communities, a pot of soup, with its myriad of ingredients, can embrace everything from being hale, hearty, warming and comforting to hot, cold, spicy, or zesty; chunky or smooth; thrifty or luxury; clear or colourful.

There’s virtually no food (or drink!) that can’t make a soup!

So here’s the challenge!

Send us your recipes for a soup that you think represents and celebrates Perthshire produce.

It must be your own recipe (or maybe your granny’s, but ask her first or get her to send it in) and must include local Perthshire produce or product as a signature ingredient. So whether the signature ingredient is superb Perthshire veg, our excellent meat, a tang from our soft fruit, the finish of extra virgin rape seed oil, a crafty dash of beer, a tot of gin or whisky, a swirl from the dairy, a crumbling of artisan cheese, or a daring ‘mole pablano’ twist taking advantage of local chocolatiers

We’ll select the six best to be made by the next generation of top chefs from Perth College, UHI and served for tasting and voting by the Perthshire public on 20 November 2016.

The winning recipe will receive a £500 Perth Card.

Enter now at www.perthcity.co.uk by 10 November 2016.

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