The House of Bruar Announces Support for Perth 2021

Country clothing specialist The House of Bruar is the latest nationally recognised Perthshire brand to announce its support for Perth to be the next UK City of Culture in 2021.

The House of Bruar has become nationally renowned for its country clothing and is widely recognised as Scotland’s most prestigious independent store.

Set in Highland Perthshire, the House of Bruar is situated on the southern boundary of the Cairngorms National Park near the falls of Bruar. It has become a must-visit destination for visitors to Highland Perthshire and currently welcomes over a million visitors every year.

Patrick Birkbeck, Managing Director of the House of Bruar, said:

“The House of Bruar supports Perth’s bid to be the next UK City of Culture in 2021. As a tourist related business, employing 280 people and welcoming 1.5 million visitors per annum, the recent developments in Perth have made a significant difference on local communities.

As one of the newest cities in Scotland, with such a depth of authentic heritage, and as the gateway to the Highlands of Scotland, Perth is ideally situated to be successful in promoting culture in the UK.

The House of Bruar believes that Perth already has an enormous variety to offer visitors from both Scotland and the rest of the UK, due to the long term relationship and heritage with sport, art, wildlife, religion and the monarchy.

Perth has and continues to invest into the culture of the city with art galleries, museums and the City Hall, which will have a hugely beneficial bearing on further generations.”

Provost Liz Grant said: “I am delighted that one of Highland Perthshire’s best known and widely respected independent retailers is coming on board to support the Perth 2021 bid.

The House of Bruar is known globally for stocking the finest products, from traditional tweed, to stocking the UK’s biggest collection of pure cashmere.  It has also been doing a fantastic job in establishing a network of quality Scottish food and drink producers, so that visitors can choose from some of the finest Scottish beef, salmon, jams and sweets.

I am delighted to have The House of Bruar getting behind Perth, recognising that all areas of Perth and Kinross stand to benefit from winning the City of Culture competition.”

The House of Bruar joins SSE, Aviva, the National Scottish Geographical Society, Stagecoach and the Gleneagles Hotel in officially backing the bid.