Thank you to everyone who pledged their support

A wee river flows through..

A strategic city with a mix of Royal and trading connections. A river that has created opportunities and caused destruction.
Opportunities to build on all these foundations and create new stories.

Jack Welch

City of Culture

Perth is a fantastic place to live and work with a great balance of beauty, business, culture and commerce. It provides everything you need on your doorstep without the big city hassles. Becoming City of Culture would bring an enormous boost for the city and help to further the good work currently being undertaken to secure Perth’s place amongst Europe’s best small cities.

Brenda Murray


Perth needs this to allow the regeneration of the city

Lorraine caddell

Great place

We have recently moved to Perth and finds it a brilliant place to stay. There is always something interesting going on and a full future programme of events. That is why I am more than happy to support Perth’s bid.

Alex Davidson


I think that Perth is so pretty and historic!


Perth is beautiful

I pledge my support to the best wee city in the world which is the one I live and work in, Perth in the big county of Perthshire.

Henry Anderson

Perthshire Chamber supports Perth City of Culture Bid

Perthshire is a terrific place to live, work and visit and the process of bidding for Perth as a City of Culture can make it even better, whether or not we win, which is why Perthshire Chamber fully supports the bid.

Vicki Unite

Perth 2021

Perth definitely deserves the city of culture because it is enriched with history and culture. Perth is the ‘fair’ city and should be recognised more. Perth has the potential of being a vibrant city, however it doesn’t get the coverage it truly deserves. Perth for 2021 City of Culture!

Aidan Wallace

Simon Howie gives full support to Perth’s City of Culture bid.

As someone with a long association with Perth, having attended Perth Academy and did my training in a High street shop in the 1980’s I can wholeheartedly say that Perth will step up to the mark as a place worthy of its City of Culture accolade, should it be successful.

The many visitor attractions and parks will be a Mecca for people coming to Scotland, especially given Perth’s concentric location between Dundee (V&A),Edinburgh and the Highlands. The visitors will be given a warm welcome by our friendly people and they will be able to enjoy our fabulous city in all of the seasons.

Simon Howie

A Wonderful Artistic City

I support Perth’s bid to be the 2021 City of Culture. It’s such a wonderful vibrant city with fantastic arts and music events. As a photographer I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place and to be part of the local creative community.

Cat Burton

A great place, a great future

Perth is a great place to stay, bring up family and it’s well connected. Winning City of Culture 2021, would allow Perth send that message much further afield to the benefit of local business and the people of Perth and the surrounding area. Perth 2021 is about the people that make the culture, past, present and for those that are still to join us. Get behind the bid, get behind Perth.

Euan Sturgeon

I’m Supporting Perth2021 City of Culture Bid!

Perth is a fantastic city and has great links with the surrounding areas of the Council. Working in rural Perthshire supporting the City of Culture bid has been great fun and I am looking forward to working on the many cultural events in the future.

Scott Jewell

Perth 2021

Im Supporting Perth for 2021

Gavin Stewart

Perth – the perfect centre to start and grow your business!

m3 Networks are a local success story with a strong local identity who support businesses both locally and nationally all over the UK.

We are proud to support Perth’s bid to be 2021 City of Culture.

James Ford - m3 Networks

Born and brought up on this great city

From small beginnings Perth has grown and expanded giving everyone the opportunities to grow with it and develop our history and enjoy the culture and beautiful countryside surroundings. A warm, friendly and welcoming city of Perth.

Liz Dewar

Retain our younger population

I support this bid as a preventative measure to reverse the current decline in younger people staying and working in the city – our low wage economy needs boosted to ensure a range of occupations are available to our young people.
Not addressing this now will have negative impact on how our economy copes with a growing community of older people.

Mary Mitchell

The great wee city

Being both a new city and an ancient one perth has many experiences to offer visitors and locals alike, and with such fun loving welcoming residents Perth is the perfect fit for city of culture 2021

Tom McEwan

Support pledge for Perth 2021

Perth is a fantastic place to live with a great balance of beauty, business, culture and commerce. It has everything needed for all age ranges and tastes making it ideal to grow up or grow old.

Roddy Blain

Perth City of Culture

Great place to grow up and bring up your family. Bringing City of Culture status will only enhance Perth’s image and reputation bringing investment and improving an already great city.

Neil Sorrie

Supporting Perth

Hope Perth gets city of culture status.

Alison Symon

I married a ‘Son’ of Perth!

I have loved the city from the very first day my husband brought me back to his birth home in Perth. We married in Methven Castle just outside the City and my ‘Hen Night’ was in one of the Cities fab restaurants.
I love the stories,the parks,the sights,the statues,the museums and the history.
My favourite places are the pink sandstone of the ‘Auld bridge’ and walking the North Inch.

Louise E Robertson

Ancient Scottish capital with such a future

This is a wonderful opportunity for the lovely old city of Perth to show Scotland and the rest of the UK a fantastic and vibrant example of how to showcase art, history and culture. I spent many happy years living and working in Perth and I’m happy to offer my support.

Michael Webster

Perth 2021

Perth has a long history of involvement in the arts, the Perth festival is where all of my children have performed, 3 of the 4 are now professional performers, the start given them by the festival and the availability of music and drama tuition throughout their childhood, has given them a grounding in performing and a life long love of the arts

Austin Compson-Bradford

Open space – Open minds

I’ve lived and worked most of my career in two Capital cities but it was not until I moved to rural Perthshire that I found support, encouragement and space to develop the music I’d created, which has now been found by larger audiences across the globe. Music, art and creativity are essential to the wellbeing of people and communities of all sizes.

Dmytro Morykit

I might not be born and bred

I might not be born in Perth but the City’s charm, people and beauty won me over and keeps me here forever.

Russell Wallace

Perth for City of Culture

I pledge my support for Perth being the city of culture because I think it has a rich history and diverse population.

Naomi Brunton

Community engagement

It has been great already to see lots of events for all ages happening in Perth for the community. Perth is a great place to live and the city of culture would be a good way to recognise that.

Lois Watt

Perth – my home

London. Edinburgh. Glasgow. I have lived and worked in all three cities but none have captured my heart quite like Perth. This city stands apart from all others I have visited. The people, the communities, the beauty. Early morning walks with my dog through the local parks flanked by the river Tay, cycling to work along the Lade catching glimpses of kingfishers, discovering trails and pictish history on local hills, museums, galleries, libraries, a feast of locally produced food and drink, art galleries, independent shops. Just some of the reasons I love this city. A beautiful city garden, the vennels, parks, the concert hall, our theatre, the bars and unique restaurants. I wasn’t born in this city but it is my home and I am glad I found it. Nowhere is perfect. We have empty shops like so many cities up and down this country. Buildings lie dormant, overlooked by passerby’s, branded eyesores, hiding potential. Perth – the ancient capital of Scotland, my home and worthy of the title – City of Culture.

Fiona Souter

Let’s let everyone know

There is so much creative energy in Perth. It’s a great wee city in an unbeatable location, getting City of Culture would really raise our profile and bring lots of visitors in.

Jackie Smith

We can do it!

As a recent arrival to Perth it is clear to see how much the city could gain from becoming City of Culture for 2021. After seeing the enormous successes that Derry/Londonderry and Hull have made of the title, I think we can absolutely use our energy, our history and our creativity to reinvent the city and show the world why Perth is the place!

Craig Watson

beautiful city

The concert hall has some amazing events on. The theatre does amazing shows and the art gallery is always worth a look

Julie Steele

Perth Races supports Perth 2021

Perth Racecourse is a 365 operation in the beautiful parklands of Scone Palace. It is home to summer jumping April to September and to over 150 conferences, weddings, celebrations and exhibitions. We proudly welcome local, regional and international customers to our peaceful spot beside the River Tay and we could not be more proud of Perth as a city and what it has to offer. We fully support Perth 2021 and we want to make our city the best it can be!

Perth Racecourse

Perth is the place

Brought up in Scone I’ve always had a deep affection for Perth, its one of the most naturally beautiful cities I’ve been to, I’m proud to tell people I’m from Perth. #perthistheplace

Peter Ogilvie


Perth is just a small city but we are so lucky to be able to access so many independent artists and crafts people at our independent shops, market stalls & open studios. The Concert Hall, cinema and Museum & Art Gallery are always keeping up to date.

Cat MacGregor

Perth – fair wee city

We want Perth to go forward!

Arek Nowrotek

The bid is a great

The bid is a great fit for Perth’s ambitions to revive the city centre and encourage tourism, benefitting the whole area.

Ruth Fry

Support for Perth

Perth deserves to be a city of culture.. it’s a beautiful city with amazing architecture, it’s the gateway to the North and has a very important place in the history of Scotland .

Fiona Lamb

Art saves lives

Culture and the arts are crucial for the mental health and wellbeing of the whole population, as well as the economy. Perth urgently needs to develop this neglected area and support its artists, most of whom currently need to travel outside the area for work.

Pinkie Maclure

Home from home

As a native Geordie I’ve travelled the world and lived in many places; but Perth is the only place that’s ever truly welcomed me like home!

Aidan Henderson

How great it is to live in Perth

When I was 18 I left Banff and hitchhiked around the UK for the summer. Popped into relatives that lived just outside Perth. At the end of my trip I returned to Perth and decided that it was the place I wished to be my home. That was 1970 and I still feel the same now as I did then. Perth is truly a great place to work and live in.

Henry Anderson

Home from home

What a wonderful city to grow up in!

A welcome break from city life and always something to see, do and explore.

Perth deserves this title. An unsung hero x

Emma Campbell

Perth City of Culture

A great City

Fiona Lambie

Perth is such a special place

I pledge my support for Perth’s 2021 bid. It’s such a special place in my heart as the birthplace of my beloved Faither.

Elaine Wightman

Tandeming towards 2021

Blogging Perthshire tandem Matilda is happy to support the cycle towards Perth being named City of Culture 2021 – after all its much more enivro-friendly than a drive!
Matilda is a classic tandem which means she is of a certain age and her dynamic crew are not much younger than her but already find their home city full of cultural activities to get involved with.
The tandem promotes the Perthshire area in her Matildas Musings blog which describes her tandeming adventures on local roads – and the wonderful culture and food and drink stops which are a huge part of her adventures!
Matllda and her crew firmly believe that the 2021 bid can be used in tandem with a push for really placing Perth on the map and regaining much of its former glory.
Matildas Musings is already a supporter of the campaign using the 2021 Perth is the Place logo on her Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Check out her blog on and lets tandem to victory in the race to be named City of Culture 2021.

Colin Calder


Perth is the easiest, friendliest and most people centred place I have ever lived and worked.

Jacquie Pepper

City of Culture

The best ‘wee’ city needs this .👍

Colin Lownie

Perth is the place

Has to be the Fair City. Born there in 1957 and still go back to see the famous Perth St Johnstone F C – come on Perth. We can do it.

Donald Syme Forbes

Why I support the big

I’ve chosen Perth as my new home because of its history, beauty and also its potential. I love all the positive plans surrounding the culture here. The 2021 bid is a huge part of that.

Gillian Drummond

Small but perfectly formed.

Perth (and surrounding areas) has a little bit of everything… Winning the bid for 2021 would mean we can better utilise and expand on those little things, making them greater and share them with the rest of the UK.

Lindsey Thompson

Culture can bring us together

I am supporting Perth City of Culture Bid because I truly believe if we win it will provide us with a real opportunity to bring people together across Perth and Kinross. we have very diverse areas and communities – city and rural , rich and poor and real mix of people from all over the world who have chosen to make here their home. But sometimes our differences separate us and I hope that we can cross divides through developing a shared passion for our people and places through the City of Culture Bid. We have seen this in the build up to the bid – imagine what we can do if we win it!

Suzie Burt

Perth is changing…

Perth is changing. It’s slowly growing and starting to celebrate its diversity. The City of Culture bid is part of the change. Looking back and looking forward.

Gary Brown

City Regeneration

Attracting inward investment in the city and supporting a small cities opportunity to thrive and progress.

Daniel Murray


Perth is a place with so many things happening for both residents & visitors. This year attraction like Norie Miller Walk was fantastic.

Fiona Keir

Go Perth!

Would be amazing for our new/old city to win this. Allow us to showcase to the country what a great place we have in Perth and Perthshire.

Donna McEwan

A great place to live!

With my family, I moved here recently. Friends said, ‘Perth is great…it’s so easy to get out of!!’ True, but it’s so lovely, why would I?

Jennie Murray

Lang Toon Times is backing the Perth2021 team

Perthshire is such a great place that the Perth bid will have many more in support than just the city, it will be a whole county.

Karen McRostie

Best city in Scotland

A marvelous and dynamic city

Frank robertson

Support Local

Let’s get Perth to where it can be!!! Support our Local businesses and let the world see what a place Perth can be. A place to be proud of!!

Terri Wright

So much to see and do here

Our City of Perth has put on so many different things for locals and visitors to enjoy. Top that with a beautiful hinterland to visit and a wealth of eateries in the city itself. We have an excellent base to build on and an enthusiastic team keeping us informed of up and coming events. A fabulous place to live. GO Perth!!

Elizabeth Anne Larg

Perfect Perth

An hour from the central belt and your in amongst the history, high quality shops and beautiful scenery. A fantastic place to visit for folk of all ages, but it’s an even better place to live. It’s always been the city for culture.

Lawrence Hodes

Great Perthshire Picnic behind the bid!

The Great Perthshire Picnic is dedicated to promoting the vast array of food and drink talent in Perthshire. We’re delighted to back the bid!

Ian Potter


Perth is the place… the place where I have been made to feel welcome and have fell in love with since moving here in 1983.

Kevin Heller

Perth – The jewel in Scotland’s Crown

Perth is rooted in both the ancient and modern history of Scotland and the UK. It is a beautiful small city that has so much to offer but often tends to be overshadowed by the larger cities. The city is full of pioneers and creative thinkers and Perth2021 will allow us to tell their story. With its great selection of independent businesses Perth does not conform to the identikit template that you find in many major cities.Perth needs to become an eventful city and we are already well on the way to achieving this.

Leigh Brown

Perth for 2021

I would like to see Perth voted as City of Culture 2021 because it would be fantastic to showcase the diversity of culture in the local area and bring lots of visitors to see what we have to offer in our communities.

Anne-Marie Mackin

It’s nice

Perth is a very beautiful place with lots of history and culture and I’ve lived in the area since I was born

Graeme MacDonald

Fab place to live

I live in Perth and would like to see the city becoming the City of Culture as I think it would be an enormous boost for the city and surrounding areas

Evelyn Brodie

Local arts

As a member of the Perth Amateur Operatic Society; I fully pledge support for Perth’s City of Culture bid. The local culture in Perth needs a boost and having seen the success in other city of culture areas it’s amazing, something I hope would happen here too!

I’ve lived in Perth all of my days, and I love it, but we need a boost and we need to get more young people motivated and interested in Perth if we want to flourish and survive!

Bekki Mackenzie

City of Culture

I’m supporting Perth for City of Culture

Jim Leslie


I have lived,worked and bought up my children in Perth and Kinross for 28 years and it has been a wonderful place to belong to. My children have benefitted from growing up here and gone into careers in the arts. I want to support the long tradition of creativity in the city

Lindsey Compson-Bradford

Creativity and Culture

Lets get Perth on the culture map and keep it there long after 2021

Karen McGregor

Perth for City ofCulture

I support Perth in its application because it has everything to offer residents and visitors alike.

Robert Millar


Live Active Leisure are delighted to be supporting the Perth City bid for City of Culture 2021. We look forward to contributing to the bid and supporting Perth’s aspirations.

Live Active Leisure

No Boundaries!

The Cateran’s Common Wealth team, based in rural Eastern Perthshire are very excited about the potential for Perth2021 to create new ways to connect rural and urban communities through inspiring arts programmes which bring people and places together.

Few parts of the UK have the density of arts, culture and heritage assets that Perth City and Perth & Kinross’s countryside have when combined and this extraordinary diversity creates a rich soil for creative collaboration.

We look forward to playing our part in realising this ambition!

Cateran's Common Wealth

The place to be

Perth is a historical, vibrant city. The people who live here are proud of its cultural heritage. Although I previously lived in London, I moved to Perthshire to escape the hectic lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sarah Tulloch

Awesome Perth

I supporting as Perth is full of beautiful shops and cafe’s. The people are so friendly and welcoming.

Paul Mcintosh

Great city.

Love this beautiful city in the heart of a beautiful country.

Diane keenan

Time to Flex our Muscles

Perth has always been a city of culture, but we’re now coming into our own. Our beautiful Victorian repertory theatre, our outstanding modern Concert Hall. Our myriad of museums and art galleries. Our communities are at the heart of Perth’s cultural revolution and I’m proud to be a citizen of this mighty city which may be small but has a big, big heart and a lot to give.

Tricia Fox

Pledge Support

Perth is a new city and has the capability of becoming a city of culture

Mark Weir

Special Place

I am English and have lived in Perth for 12 years. A special place for me, friendly people and such a lovely town with beautiful views from Tay Street, North Inch etc. still visit and still love it.

Pat Armitage

Perth has come far, and is really going places

When we moved to Perth from Glasgow 12 years ago, we wondered if we’d done the right thing. Sure, the countryside was beautiful, and Perth was a nice place to live, but we did miss the buzz of the city. Well, now we do live in a city again – Perth! – and the buzz about this place is growing year upon year. We’ve just come out of winter, which can feel like a long dark season in some places, but Perth’s winter feels like a joyful, celebratory season. The festivals, events, exhibitions, markets, shops, restaurants, activities and outdoor spaces in Perth – not to mention its fantastic people – make it a lovely place to be, all year round. I’m so proud of our city and am extremely excited for its future!

Annelie Carmichael

I support perth2021

I fully support the bid for Perth2021 having spent most of my life in and around Perth. I love everything Perth has to offer. The people, the things to see and do, the theatre and the concert hall .very happy memories of Perth .


Perth is wonderful

Perth is a wonderful place, my favourite in Scotland!
I always feel at ease, everyone is so friendly, and it is just so naturally beautiful!
Perth is very close to my heart, my step dad grew up in Perth, so it is always a family affair when we are there.
A truly worthy candidate for the city of culture bid 2021.
Perth is the place!

Tiffany Emmett

Perth 2021

I’m with Perth!

Ian Campbell

Pledge for Perth 2021

Perth is a picturesque city with lots to see and do

Audrey McEwen

Pledge for 2021

Perth is a great wee city, full of amazing cultural and historic interest.

Andrew Ballantine

Perth is amazing

Perth has so many great things happening – it really is the place 😀

Julie Baker

Our Fair City

Happy to support this bid. Hopeful that our involvement will restore our lovely City to its former glory.

Monica Byrne


Perth is a city full of promise and I would like to see it achieve the same success that previous Cities of Culture have enjoyed.

Susannah Nixon

Perth is the place for…

…heritage, culture, history, invention, business, pioneers, agriculture and beautiful scenery. Rich in every respect. The burgeoning arts and culinary scene is the icing on the cake (excuse the pun). Proud to be from Perth – you bet!

Steve Davidson

Vibrant Perth!

Great to see how the bid is really bringing everyone together – wish I lived closer so that I could be part of it!

Jo Hills

Please let it be Perth!

I moved to the area 27 years ago when I was 9 years old, and I’ve seen Perth grow into a fantastic city. There is so much to see and do and its people have obviously invested a lot of time and effort into making Perth a culture destination. Whilst at the same time it has managed to keep its friendly and welcoming feeling. A great combination.

Louise Killough

Perfect Perth

The moment I arrive in Perth from my home city of Glasgow, I feel my shoulders drop and my spirits rise. There’s something about the air, the open spaces and the friendly, vibrant atmosphere that makes Perth a such an inviting place for me to visit – and for my boyfriend to live in. With it’s stunning architecture, cultural pride, beautiful green spaces, trendy bars and soothing galleries…Perth has it all and would be a deserving winner.

Tamara Kennedy

The glue the city needs

Perth has already got all the pieces it’s needs to be a great cultural city. Obtaining the ‘City of Culture 2021’ will give it the glue to stick these pieces together to build and transform the fair city to the fabulous city.

Deborah Biscoe

Best Wee City in the World

I’m pledging my support for Perth 2021 as I believe its about time Perth received the recognition it deserves for its culture, its natural beauty and its welcoming natives. I miss my hometown’s natural charm every day.

Dale McDowell


To bring back life to the city. Doing well so far

Gillian Patterson

Great place to live and work

Always loved Perth since visiting grandparents from as early as I remember. Always wanted to live in or around Perth. Didn’t think nearly twenty years later I would be working and living in Perth and Kinross, and I have loved working and living in Perth.

James Gardner

Perth is inspiration

I support Perth as THE city of culture. It embodies so much and is so diverse. I am an artist and often use Perth as a source of inspiration for my painting, from the beautiful bridge and it’s surrounding wildlife, including humans. The gardens are my favourite place to look at the flowers and sketch. Found in the midst of a thriving and bustling city, they can transport you to anywhere in time you wish to be. They are a tranquil oasis with many places to sit and reflect. I live in another country but often think of my time spent in Perth. To me it was the heart of Scotland. It was the starting place to many of my adventures around the countryside that I took by bus.

Lori Roth (née Ferguson)

Onwards and upwards

I believe Perth is a fantastic place to live. I travel a lot for my photography and have seen many other towns and cities. We have it good here!

Ian Potter

Support culture bid

I support Perth’s bid as I like the idea of more Art shows /music culture events to be made available in Perth.
Perhaps the schools could be involved to produce sculptures for a sculpture trail around the North Inch!

Margaret Scott

Because we’re worth it

Perth IS the place! The Perth 2021 bid is giving us a chance to appreciate what awesome cultural activity we have in our small city already. It’s also getting us excited about how Perth can develop in the future. Good luck!

Linda Allan

Cultra in perth

There have been so many new developments in Perth that not only have increased it’s cultural aspect,but have increased community engagement too.
You just have to look on Facebook sites about Perth city to see how much work has been put into developing and managing events across the city.

Amy Miller

Perth is OUR Place!

“Why Perth?”, they all said. I’m not sure I knew the answer at the time we chose Perth after years in the Middle East and SE Asia. Ask me now, a year on, and I’ll tell you “Why WOULDN’T you choose Perth?” We have a thriving business based here, we enjoy the theatre, museums, the concert hall, beautiful architecture, friendly people (and shops that don’t make me panic at their size!) Proud to call this small but mighty city my home.

Jane Rennie

City of Culture

I’m supporting Perth for City of Culture

Jim Leslie

Let’s Do This!

I’ve lived in Perth my whole life and it’s nice to see things happening in our Fair City. It’s such a beautiful City that we live in and I think we take it for granted quite a lot – I never truly appreciate Perth until I’ve been away for some time. It has been so nice to see our City Centre bustling with excitement and activity throughout the Winter Festival and I’m looking forward to more of that.

I believe that using this Bid as a catalyst for positive change is a step in the right direction and whilst we may still have a long way to go, I’m excited to be a part of that.

Megan Mailer

Returning Home!

Originally from Perth, left to spread my wings in far off locations but over the last few years, Perth is pulling me back more and more.

I love its size and splendid location surrounded by outstanding natural beauty.

The city offers an array of stunning buildings and fantastic restaurants plus a variety of cultural delights.

Perth is a wee city with so much potential and securing this title would enable it to blossom.

Stephen Rae


Fab wee city with masses of personality. Plenty wee independent shops, great eateries and lots to see and do – a small place that has it all.

Sarah Osgood