Aim of the Perth 2021 Creative Communities Fund (CCF)

*Please note that the closing date for applications has now passed*

As a part of our Perth 2021 bid, we have developed a Creative Communities fund to support the work of communities and individuals. The funding panel are looking for projects that will deliver creative, inclusive activities and ideas that will demonstrate what Perth 2021 can do, and what impact it can have for where you live.

The fund will support projects that:

  • Showcase the amazing talent of people across Perth and Kinross.
  • Show that culture is for everyone.
  • Get people involved in cultural activities they may not have tried before.

The fund will grant up to £1500 per application, for up to a year from January 2017.  The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday May 5th 2017.

Applying to the Fund – Guidelines

  • You can apply for up to £1,500 for creative activities, events or projects
  • Your project could be a one-off, a series of regular events, a special exhibition, performance or something that reflects your community and Perth 2021
  • We will fund new and existing activities, but priority will be given to those projects that can demonstrate they would not go ahead without this funding.
  • Projects should be accessible to all, and projects which are free for all to enjoy will be favoured
  • We are keen to see a geographical spread throughout Perth and Kinross
  • Your project can be from a geographical community or from a community of interest, an individual or group
  • Acquiring match funding isn’t an absolute requirement  for this application; however please show evidence if the fund to be used for attracting broader funding support
  • We will be interested in any volunteer in kind support as an added value for the project


  • The  requested amount must be no more than  £1,500
  • Activity must be completed and monies claimed before the end of January 2018
  • We will contribute up to £1500 towards larger projects, provided funding is requested for a specific element and is clearly stated in the application
  • Your application must show how it contributes to at least one of the following objectives:
    • showcase the amazing talent of people across Perth and Kinross
    • show that culture is for everyone
    • get people involved in cultural activities they may not have tried before
  • Our ethos is of fairness, equity and accessibility for all and projects must show how they are inclusive in their approach
  • Projects must demonstrate how they plan to increase participation in cultural activities
  • Multiple applications from the same organisation for the same activity will not be considered
  • We will not fund insurance, capital or accommodation costs
  • We will not fund activities that are underway at the time the panel meets. Panel meetings are on the final Wednesday of the month.
  • We will not fund projects that are part of an organisations core activities eg marketing and promotion or operational services.

If you are successful

  • Applications will be considered monthly by an assessment panel. The decision of the awarding panel is final and your named contact will be notified within the week of the decision
  • Monies will be paid into your designated bank account within one month of the decision
  • You will be required to keep all receipts and evidence of spend for scrutiny
  • You will be asked to sign and return a funding agreement, which will outline conditions of the award
  • You will be asked to provide us with monitoring reports, which will include public feedback, photographic evidence, demographic involved, how you are undertaking publicity and the outcomes from the funded work
  • The panel will offer support as required during the funding period, including agreeing any changes or amendments within the guidelines

How do we apply?

Complete the application form here