Perth is a unique city at the heart of Scotland’s story. Both the oldest city of Scotland – the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings – and the youngest, granted city status in 2012.

It has always been a meeting place: a crossing point where generation, cultures and creativity come together, making connections and catalysing change.

It is a place of Pioneers such as painter John Duncan Fergusson, planner Patrick Geddes, plantfinder David Douglas and poet William Soutar, who transformed not just Scotland but the modern world.

With millions being invested in refurbishing our historic theatre, extending the museum and creating a new visual arts attraction at City Hall, Perth is continuing it’s journey of renewal. Just like the River Tay which flows through it, Perth is both ever-present and always on the move.

We want 2021 and beyond to:

  • create mass participation in culture and creative learning which enrich lives and remove barriers to access and enjoyment.
  • connect rural and urban communities through inspiring arts programmes which bring people and places together.
  • cultivate new cultural activity and talent, locally and across the UK.
  • collaborate on our creative economy, and be a place where artists, creative industries and business innovation can flourish.
  • challenge ideas about urban renewal – by being a great small city.

Our bid is built around a community-developed programme of arts and culture linked to the following 3 themes.

Heart – Recognising Perth’s place at the heart of rural communities, its history and heritage as the first capital of Scotland and the seat of Scottish monarchs.

Wild – Capturing the city’s location as the gateway to the Highlands, the wealth of our natural beauty and the importance of the landscape to local culture.

Beyond – Emphasising the city’s role as a meeting place and melting pot and drawing on the city’s rich heritage as a catalyst for creativity and ideas.