Perth 2021 is an important step in the regrowth of Scotland’s oldest and newest City. We want everyone to get involved in the bid to bring the City of Culture to Perth.  It will allow us to cultivate new talent and make the area a place where artists, creative industries and business innovation flourish.



Spread the word and get involved. See what people are saying and have your say on social media by using our hashtags #Perthistheplace and #Perth2021

Download your very own Perth2021 Twibbon to show your support for Perth’s bid to be named the first UK City of Culture in Scotland!

Fab place to live

I live in Perth and would like to see the city becoming the City of […]

Evelyn Brodie

I might not be born and bred

I might not be born in Perth but the City’s charm, people and beauty won […]

Russell Wallace

A Wonderful Artistic City

I support Perth’s bid to be the 2021 City of Culture. It’s such a wonderful […]

Cat Burton

Perth is beautiful

I pledge my support to the best wee city in the world which is the […]

Henry Anderson

Pledge for 2021

Perth is a great wee city, full of amazing cultural and historic interest.

Andrew Ballantine

Best Wee City in the World

I’m pledging my support for Perth 2021 as I believe its about time Perth received […]

Dale McDowell

I’m Supporting Perth2021 City of Culture Bid!

Perth is a fantastic city and has great links with the surrounding areas of the […]

Scott Jewell

Perth has come far, and is really going places

When we moved to Perth from Glasgow 12 years ago, we wondered if we’d done […]

Annelie Carmichael

Creativity and Culture

Lets get Perth on the culture map and keep it there long after 2021

Karen McGregor

Time to Flex our Muscles

Perth has always been a city of culture, but we’re now coming into our own. […]

Tricia Fox


Live Active Leisure are delighted to be supporting the Perth City bid for City of […]

Live Active Leisure

Best city in Scotland

A marvelous and dynamic city

Frank robertson


To bring back life to the city. Doing well so far

Gillian Patterson

How great it is to live in Perth

When I was 18 I left Banff and hitchhiked around the UK for the summer. […]

Henry Anderson

Perth is such a special place

I pledge my support for Perth’s 2021 bid. It’s such a special place in my […]

Elaine Wightman

The great wee city

Being both a new city and an ancient one perth has many experiences to offer […]

Tom McEwan

Support pledge for Perth 2021

Perth is a fantastic place to live with a great balance of beauty, business, culture […]

Roddy Blain

Let’s let everyone know

There is so much creative energy in Perth. It’s a great wee city in an […]

Jackie Smith

Special Place

I am English and have lived in Perth for 12 years. A special place for […]

Pat Armitage

Perth is the place for…

…heritage, culture, history, invention, business, pioneers, agriculture and beautiful scenery. Rich in every respect. The […]

Steve Davidson

Why I support the big

I’ve chosen Perth as my new home because of its history, beauty and also its […]

Gillian Drummond

I married a ‘Son’ of Perth!

I have loved the city from the very first day my husband brought me back […]

Louise E Robertson

Support for Perth

Perth deserves to be a city of culture.. it’s a beautiful city with amazing architecture, […]

Fiona Lamb


Fab wee city with masses of personality. Plenty wee independent shops, great eateries and lots […]

Sarah Osgood

Great Perthshire Picnic behind the bid!

The Great Perthshire Picnic is dedicated to promoting the vast array of food and drink […]

Ian Potter

Our Fair City

Happy to support this bid. Hopeful that our involvement will restore our lovely City to […]

Monica Byrne

No Boundaries!

The Cateran’s Common Wealth team, based in rural Eastern Perthshire are very excited about the […]

Cateran's Common Wealth


Perth is just a small city but we are so lucky to be able to […]

Cat MacGregor


Perth needs this to allow the regeneration of the city

Lorraine caddell

Cultra in perth

There have been so many new developments in Perth that not only have increased it’s […]

Amy Miller

Because we’re worth it

Perth IS the place! The Perth 2021 bid is giving us a chance to appreciate […]

Linda Allan


Perth is a city full of promise and I would like to see it achieve […]

Susannah Nixon

The glue the city needs

Perth has already got all the pieces it’s needs to be a great cultural city. […]

Deborah Biscoe

Perth – The jewel in Scotland’s Crown

Perth is rooted in both the ancient and modern history of Scotland and the UK. […]

Leigh Brown

Lang Toon Times is backing the Perth2021 team

Perthshire is such a great place that the Perth bid will have many more in […]

Karen McRostie

Perth Races supports Perth 2021

Perth Racecourse is a 365 operation in the beautiful parklands of Scone Palace. It is […]

Perth Racecourse

Great city.

Love this beautiful city in the heart of a beautiful country.

Diane keenan

Tandeming towards 2021

Blogging Perthshire tandem Matilda is happy to support the cycle towards Perth being named City […]

Colin Calder

A wee river flows through..

A strategic city with a mix of Royal and trading connections. A river that has […]

Jack Welch

Great place to live and work

Always loved Perth since visiting grandparents from as early as I remember. Always wanted to […]

James Gardner

Returning Home!

Originally from Perth, left to spread my wings in far off locations but over the […]

Stephen Rae

Art saves lives

Culture and the arts are crucial for the mental health and wellbeing of the whole […]

Pinkie Maclure

Small but perfectly formed.

Perth (and surrounding areas) has a little bit of everything… Winning the bid for 2021 […]

Lindsey Thompson

Ancient Scottish capital with such a future

This is a wonderful opportunity for the lovely old city of Perth to show Scotland […]

Michael Webster

A great place to live!

With my family, I moved here recently. Friends said, ‘Perth is great…it’s so easy to […]

Jennie Murray

Perth – fair wee city

We want Perth to go forward!

Arek Nowrotek


Perth is the place… the place where I have been made to feel welcome and […]

Kevin Heller

Home from home

As a native Geordie I’ve travelled the world and lived in many places; but Perth […]

Aidan Henderson

Let’s Do This!

I’ve lived in Perth my whole life and it’s nice to see things happening in […]

Megan Mailer

A great place, a great future

Perth is a great place to stay, bring up family and it’s well connected. Winning […]

Euan Sturgeon

Perfect Perth

An hour from the central belt and your in amongst the history, high quality shops […]

Lawrence Hodes

Perth is the place

Brought up in Scone I’ve always had a deep affection for Perth, its one of […]

Peter Ogilvie

Perth City of Culture

A great City

Fiona Lambie


I have lived,worked and bought up my children in Perth and Kinross for 28 years […]

Lindsey Compson-Bradford


Perth is a place with so many things happening for both residents & visitors. This […]

Fiona Keir

So much to see and do here

Our City of Perth has put on so many different things for locals and visitors […]

Elizabeth Anne Larg

Simon Howie gives full support to Perth’s City of Culture bid.

As someone with a long association with Perth, having attended Perth Academy and did my […]

Simon Howie

City of Culture

Perth is a fantastic place to live and work with a great balance of beauty, […]

Brenda Murray

Perth is inspiration

I support Perth as THE city of culture. It embodies so much and is so […]

Lori Roth (née Ferguson)

Vibrant Perth!

Great to see how the bid is really bringing everyone together – wish I lived […]

Jo Hills

Culture can bring us together

I am supporting Perth City of Culture Bid because I truly believe if we win […]

Suzie Burt

Perth 2021

Perth definitely deserves the city of culture because it is enriched with history and culture. […]

Aidan Wallace

Perth for 2021

I would like to see Perth voted as City of Culture 2021 because it would […]

Anne-Marie Mackin

We can do it!

As a recent arrival to Perth it is clear to see how much the city […]

Craig Watson

It’s nice

Perth is a very beautiful place with lots of history and culture and I’ve lived […]

Graeme MacDonald

Perth is amazing

Perth has so many great things happening – it really is the place 😀

Julie Baker

The place to be

Perth is a historical, vibrant city. The people who live here are proud of its […]

Sarah Tulloch

Perth is the place

Has to be the Fair City. Born there in 1957 and still go back to […]

Donald Syme Forbes

Perth for City ofCulture

I support Perth in its application because it has everything to offer residents and visitors […]

Robert Millar

Perth 2021

Perth has a long history of involvement in the arts, the Perth festival is where […]

Austin Compson-Bradford

Born and brought up on this great city

From small beginnings Perth has grown and expanded giving everyone the opportunities to grow with […]

Liz Dewar

Support culture bid

I support Perth’s bid as I like the idea of more Art shows /music culture […]

Margaret Scott

Perth – my home

London. Edinburgh. Glasgow. I have lived and worked in all three cities but none have […]

Fiona Souter

Supporting Perth

Hope Perth gets city of culture status.

Alison Symon

Perfect Perth

The moment I arrive in Perth from my home city of Glasgow, I feel my […]

Tamara Kennedy

Community engagement

It has been great already to see lots of events for all ages happening in […]

Lois Watt

Pledge for Perth 2021

Perth is a picturesque city with lots to see and do

Audrey McEwen

The bid is a great

The bid is a great fit for Perth’s ambitions to revive the city centre and […]

Ruth Fry

Pledge Support

Perth is a new city and has the capability of becoming a city of culture

Mark Weir

Open space – Open minds

I’ve lived and worked most of my career in two Capital cities but it was […]

Dmytro Morykit

Onwards and upwards

I believe Perth is a fantastic place to live. I travel a lot for my […]

Ian Potter

Perth City of Culture

Great place to grow up and bring up your family. Bringing City of Culture status […]

Neil Sorrie

City Regeneration

Attracting inward investment in the city and supporting a small cities opportunity to thrive and […]

Daniel Murray

Go Perth!

Would be amazing for our new/old city to win this. Allow us to showcase to […]

Donna McEwan

Perth is wonderful

Perth is a wonderful place, my favourite in Scotland! I always feel at ease, everyone […]

Tiffany Emmett

I support perth2021

I fully support the bid for Perth2021 having spent most of my life in and […]


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